I am a(n)

I mostly exist on

port 70, i.e. in Gopherspace, Where I constantly remind my fellow phloggers that all modern technology is evil. You should join us. It's quiet, there. You can get free gopher hosting from SDF, or from my own hosting project, the Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu.

If you need a trustworthy vessel to navigate Gopherpace, try my client VF-1. If you're enough of a hot-shot. Otherwise, try ssh kiosk@bitreich.org.

I listen to

aNONradio, and so should you!

In fact, I am now an aNONradio DJ! Tune in at 1800 UTC every Wednesday for my chiptune show the Half Hour of Power for bleepy bloopy goodness.